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Dylan Burchett

Video of Mark Dancigers and Dylan Burchett discussing Dylan’s music

Dylan Burchett's five cent deposit

Dylan Burchett does a variety of sound-related things, usually with electronics. They are currently pursuing a PhD in Experimental Music and Recording Media at Louisiana State University.

Program Note:
five cent deposit, which takes its name from the Minutemen song Corona, stems from a continuing interest in recording and compiling the vague and non-specific scenarios that occur in everyday life. In doing so I aim to foreground the resonance of the nondescript in order to allow for narrative to arise from the tentative and anecdotal legibility of the ordinary rather than from the assumed interest of immediately descriptive sound. five cent deposit was recorded and arranged in Oakland, California during the month of April in the year 2020.

Dylan’s bandcamp site is

Dylan Burchett

Dylan Burchett

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