Miya Masaoka:
A Long Way to F#

A Long Way to F#

A Long Way to F# in the New College library

photo credit: Nancy Nassiff

Miya Masaoka

Sound Installation: Thursday, November 12, 2015–Friday, November 20, 2015
Jane Bancroft Cook Library, ground floor
Free, and open to the public

While at NMNC for her November, 2015 concert, composer/performer Miya Masaoka created a sound installation, A Long Way to F#, in New College's Jane Bancroft Cook Library. Originally planned to run only for the three days she would be on campus, the work generated such interest and positive response that Masaoka and the library agreed to keep the installation up and operating for another week after her performance.

A Long Way to F# (2015)

The psycho-acoustic properties can be best experienced by walking into the circle and between the speakers. Each speaker is tuned to a different pitch. Come back and listen to the changes over the 12 hour period.

Artist: Miya Masaoka

A Long Way to F#

A Long Way to F# is a physical metaphor for over lives that at times resemble noise, chaos and undifferentiated existence, but that eventually focus into a sharp moment of clarity.

A Long Way to F# is a twelve hour piece. There are 12 speakers in the shape of a circle, and each speaker has a single pitch of the 12 tone scale. The piece begins with all 12 notes playing simultaneously, and slowly all the notes ascend to F# over a 12 hour period. Listeners are invited to go in and out of the center of the circle, and listen to each speaker, and hear the difference of being in the center of the circle, being in outside the circle, and standing and listening close to one speaker. Slowly over time, the notes become more recognizable until they all converge on the F#.

Video of Miya Masaoka describing the installation

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